Quinoa Beer


Quinoa beer is a unique beer, brewed on 100% organic Danish quinoa. The process additionally consists entirely of water, enzymes, yeast and hops. Where no additives are used in the beer production.

Danish farmers ensure a sustainable agricultural practice, where food safety is prioritized.

Importantly, there is no gluten in quinoa, thus making the fermentation process quite different, since there is an absence of malt, which the yeast cells otherwise require. Enzymes are used in its stead, to digest the starch, thereby forming the alcohol.

The result is quite a special light beer; being gluten-free and characterized by a nutty and fruity taste that goes in harmony. Its removed of any bitterness compared to a normal beer, and is discernibly different from a cider. Its frequently preferred by drinkers who are averse to a bitter taste, and is wonderful for quenching your thirst. Try it and judge for yourself.

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Brewmaster and apprentice brewing organic quinoa beer

- The "new" Nordic superfood

“we generally perceive quinoa as the healthiest plant product, there ever has existed,” Said Sven-Erik Jacobsen from The University of Copenhagen to foodculture.dk


The plant has been cultivated for thousands of years by local farmers in the Andes’ barren heights, especially in Bolivia and Peru. And in recent years has reached high popularity, transporting it to the rest of the world.


The seed has for long been praised for its contents of nutrients, being a potent protein source and containing all the essential amino acids. Moreover, it has sustaining volumes of fibre, vitamins, healthy fatty acids and vibrant antioxidants.


Arguably more acclaiming was when the UN appointed 2013 as “The International Year of Quinoa.” And although you cannot celebrate it annually, it should be, as the nomination was justified for its eminent potential in improving the worlds threatening food security, in coherence with the ever-imperative pressure of climate change. The quinoa plant belongs to the Salicornia genus, that is known for its weather and temperature-robustness, giving conceivable evidence that it can be grown world wide.  


Quinoa farming is already in full momentum in Denmark, and other European countries. Nordic Quinoa has been a part of starting a production on Lolland-Falster, ensuring the quinoa-products we develop for you, are a 100% Danish produced.


That is why, we at Nordic Quinoa love this versatile seed.

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