Harevest of quinoa on Lolland -Falster

The development of quinoa food in Denmark

The worlds population grows exponentially, which is why Nordic Quinoa sees both potential and necessity in creating something we’ll need in the future; more sustainable plant-based food.


Researchers at Århus University, started at the beginning of 2016 a project on the premise of the South American seed, quinoa, in respect to its nutritious attributes.


The researchers could in September of 2017 present the result of experimenting for one and a half years with the fermentation of quinoa: A smooth, creamy quinoa beverage and an appetizing quinoa ice cream.


We have under the way helped initiate quinoa cultivation on Lolland-Falster, so the product can be 100% Danish made.


Other product developments have come along since 2018, and we are proud to present you with our well-tasting quinoa beer, launched in April 2020. In progress is also, quinoa Nordic-style cracker, quinoa buns and quinoa rye bread, the first two being gluten-free.


All being made with quality, health and environment in mind- and of course based on Danish quinoa.


Bon Appétit