Quinoa Beer Glutenfree and Organic 

Our products are with Danish quinoa seed. 
Quinoa Beer- glutten-free- organic; launched April 2020- sold at Quinoa Helsekost, Roskilde and selected bars and restuarants.
Quinoa Nordic-style crackers- organic – glutten-free – Will be launched in start of 2021
Quinoa Buns- organic – gluten-free; Will be launched in start of 2021 
Quinoa rye bread with 25% quinoa, sold in selected bakeries
Quinoa seeds; sold to wholesalers
Local Danish production which gives traceability and high food safety. Our quinoa is from varieties without saponin (bittertaste), which benefit better taste and no need for washin the seed in cold water:
Packing and packaging as wished
 Organic Quinoa from Fyn -Dutchess variety 
Organic quinoa seed from Lolland Falster Network – Viking variety